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About Me

Hi! I’m Ameya, and since you're reading this: a-mae-Ya. "Ameya" is derived from ancient sanskrit literature- meaning "Impossible". Just too full of energy as a baby, right? My parents went from "You're impossible" to "You're just Ameya". Ofcourse, I'm kidding!

My goals? I want to first be a doctor, (Not a real doctor, people say!) contribute as an academic researcher and then give my experience to the next generation of students- My goal is to be a professor. I am an aspiring Academician.

Staunchly apolitical but an anarchist in my personal philosophy: A bunch of adjectives to describe myself are FOSS enthusiast, Minimalist, Trekking Enthusiast, very introverted: INTP infact (But who follows MBTI anymore?) and a (hopefully) responsible student, studying computer science, but whose heart can be found in the necessary but not sufficient world of mathematics ;) Never mind, bad joke.

As Marx once famously said "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others".
Welcome to my personal page folks!

Exploring Acads, Research & Teaching..

Discoveries in the AFK World!

2014 - 2016 My adventures in India...
Backpacking in India

To future me: Learn scuba diving, mountaineering and best of all: Base jumping. If anyone else has cool plans, tag along!
2014 - 2018 Hobbies
What I like!
  • My Goodreads: You know what's it for!
  • Table Tennis- I'm a professional in this one! Former Best Player and Captain, Table Tennis Team, IIIT-H
  • I'm an Anime connoisseur! Check out my MAL!
  • I love listening to Electronic, Trance and Deep House. I play a Launchpad, and yes it is a legit musical instrument. I take offense!!