Ayushman Panda


My interests spans across web development, machine learning and app developement. Actively working on new age stacks to add to my skill set.

UG Researcher | CS Junior | Student Developer

Pursuing Dual Degree (B.Tech + MS) in Computer Science.

  • Education: B.Tech+MS in Computer Science
  • Email: ayushman.panda@research.iiit.ac.in

Currently in Junior year of Undergraduate Degree at IIIT - Hyderabad. Working as an undergraduate researcher in the AARG lab. My research interest lies in Multi Agent Systems and algorithm optimisation. Open to internship in full stack web developement, android app developement and data analysis.


Consistently working on projects and exploring industry leading stacks with hands on experience. Currently working on few interesting projects related to Social Media data analysis, Web and App Development , Database Systems ,etc.


Hey There !

A cross platform messaging app for android and ios, built with react native. Features authentication , registration and group chats.

C shell

A fully working linux shell built with C language using concept of syscalls and operating system.

Job Portal

A full stack Job Portal Application built with MERN stack. Separate portal for candidates and recruiters to apply and accept jobs.

Issue Tracker

An issue tracker built with MERN stack with support for CAS authentication !

Dice Roller

A simple dice roller android app built with Kotlin, with support for 2 players


Simulation for vaccine distribution and Performance ordering in an event , using concepts of multi threading and concurrent programming

Brick Breaker

A terminal version of the classic Brick Breaker game built with python using concept of OOPs, with power-ups and multiple levels