Devendra K Sahu
Devendra K Sahu

Graduate Research Assistant
Centre for Visual Information Technology(CVIT)
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
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Since you reached here, You might be interested in Machine Learning Resources which I think is a list of useful references for serious ML and Vision.


From October 2012, I am a graduate research assisant CVIT, IIIT Hyderabad where I work with Prof. C V Jawahar.

BIT Mesra

I completed my BE from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra in 2012 majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

My interest lies in the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. I am interested in object/face recognition, latent representation, image understanding, and relevant machine learning techniques. My newly found interest is in bayesian nonparametrics and trying to be bayesian(I think it is awesome :)).

One of the Most Awesome ML book: Machine Learning a Probabilistic Perspective by Kevin Murphy and his advice for graduate students.

Curriculum Vitae(last updated March 2015) – 


Convolutional NN Unsupervised Feature Learning using Convolutional Network and classification by SVM
Devendra K Sahu
UFLDL Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning Exercises
Devendra K Sahu
FBG Roof Health Monitoring using fiber bragg grating
Devendra K Sahu, Shubham Kumar, Shyam Chandra Reddy
cysticFibrosisBayesNet_speech Bayesian network with evidence input as speech for inference for inheritance in Genetics
Devendra K Sahu, Preeti Singh
Speech Processing Project

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