About Me

Hi I am Gaurav, I am a dual degree student, 'B.Tech and MS by Research in Computer Science and Engineering' at IIIT-Hyderabad, pursuing my masters in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning under Prof. P.J Narayanan at Centre for Visual Information Technology (CVIT).

My Interests

  • Coding (C,C++,Python)
  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Parallel Programming on GPU (CUDA)
  • Read books,Watch Movies and stuff
  • Travelling
  • Learning New Technologies


Here is what I have been up to. [Please see my Resume for a more updated list]

Linux C-Shell

An interactive C-Shell which implements few of the Linux Terminal commands like cd,ls,kill,jobs etc by using the concept of "Processes in Linux"

3-D Bike Game

A single player 3-D bike game consisting of 2 levels and can be easily extended to many levels as it generates the terrain using "Bitmap Images"

Traffic Sign Identification System

An interactive TSIS system that alerts the user whenever a Traffic Sign is encountered.

Contact Me

Email (General) : gauravm043@gmail.com
Email (College)  : gaurav.mishra@research.iiit.ac.in