About Me

I am currently a Research Scholar in Computer Vision Lab, IIIT Hyderabad, advised by Professor C.V.Jawahar. I am working on HAMS: Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety with Principal Researcher Venkat Padmanabhan and Postdoctoral Researcher Akshay Uttama Nambi from Microsoft Research Lab, India
I'm mainly interested in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interfaces. Besides this I am admin of internal training portal of CVIT lab. Previously I also worked on computer vision for wild life prevention with Professor Ankush Mittal and Professor Balasubramanian Raman

Awards and Achievements

First prize at Google Hackthon 2018
I won the first prize in the ML track at Google Hackthon 2018. Here I worked on waste segregation problem using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Outstanding mentor award at Foundation of AIML course 2018
This award was given to me for assisting in teaching machine learning to industry folks. The course was taken by Prof C.V.Jawahar and Prof Anoop Namboodiri.
First prize at Microsoft.code.fun.do 2018
Microsoft code fun do is hackthon organized by Microsoft and focus on building applications useful for people. I contributing by building game which can be be played using eyes as input. Other uses include provided basic use of technology for paralized people using eyes and computer screen, Medical Research and extra feedback through eyes for E-commerece field.
Sixth prize at India Hacks 2017
This was hackthon organized by Hacker Earth. Here I worked estimating the breathing rate and pulse rate using AI and Machine Learning.
Other Achievemnet includes
  • First position in college, BTech First Year
  • Third position in CSE department, BTech Third year
  • Second position in CSE department, Btech Forth Year


DGAZE: Driver Gaze Mapping on Road
Isha Dua, Thrupthi Ann John, Riya Gupta, C.V.Jawahar
submitted to ICRA 2020
Driver Inattention Analysis
Isha Dua, Akshay Uttama Nambi, Venkat Padmanabhn, C.V.Jawahar
Journal paper submitted to TBIOM, IEEE Biometrics
Low Cost Transfer Learning of Face Tasks
Thrupthi Ann John, Isha Dua, Vineeth Balasubramanian, C.V.Jawahar
Arxiv paper submitted to CVPR 2018
AutoRate: How attentive is the driver?
Isha Dua, Akshay Uttama Nambi, Venkat Padmanabhn, C.V.Jawahar
accepted as oral paper in FG2019
A Computer Vision Framework for Detecting and Preventing Human-Elephant Collisions
Pushkar Shukla, Isha Dua, Ankush Mittal, Balasubramanian Raman
ICCV 2017(Workshop)
A vision based human - elepahant collision detection system
Isha Dua, Pushkar Shukla, Ankush Mittal
ICIIP 2015


Microsoft Research,India
Summer Internship at Microsoft Research, India. Here I worked on driver attention rating on Indian roads and mapping eye gaze to real world videos.
AIML course
Teaching Assistant at AIML course conducted by Professor C.V.Jawahar and Professor Anoop M. Namboodiri in collaboration with Talent Sprint (Jan 2018-May 2018). The course mainly focus on teaching AI and Machine Learning to industry people.
Raman Classes
Teaching Assistant at Raman Classes(Feb 2016 - June 2016). The course was taken by Professor Ankush Mittal. The course focus on teaching all computer science major courses.


Eye Gaze Gaming
supervised by Professor C.V.Jawahar
The project focuses on developing web camera based first person shooter game. It provides advance gaming technology to play video games using head pose and eye gaze. Also, extended the algorithm for browsing articles
Human-Elephant Collision Detection System using Particle Object Filtering
supervised by Prof. Ankush Mittal
The project use particle filtering algorithm to track elephants and prevent human elephant collision.
Breathing Rate using camera
India Hacks, 2017
It is computer vision project in which using the camera which can be web camera or mobile camera, the breathing rate of the person can be determined.
As-Projective-As-Possible Image Stitching with Moving DLT
supervised by Prof. Anoop Namboodiri
The focus is on the task of image stitching by proposing as-projective-as-possible (APAP) warps, i.e., warps that aim to be globally projective, yet allow local non-projective deviations to account for violations to the assumed imaging conditions.
Classification of book genre by cover and title:
supervised by Prof. Avinash Sharma
The project use particle filtering algorithm to track elephants and prevent human elephant collision. Using pattern recognization approaches like Multi class-SVM , neural networks etc to distinguish books into different genre purely based on cover and title without aprior knowledge of context,author or origin.
Animation Effects using Image Morphing
supervised by Prof. Vineet Gandhi
Using Triangulation method to do morphing between human faces . The idea is to get a sequence of intermediate images which when put together with the original images would represent the change from one image to the other.


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