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Projects done as part of coursework and others. [ major work ]

vGoogle : A google approach to content based video retrieval

The aim of this project is to develop a content based video search system for news videos. Our method is based on work by Prof Andrew Zisserman et. al. Major contributions are in devloping methods/code for indexing and retrieval of visual words. A text retrieval like (inverted file systems and document rankings using tf-idf) approach is used for retriveing and ranking of results. Our system is efficient and quick (query time is less than few seconds for hours of news data). This was a team (size of 15 students) project done as part of Computer Vision (CS5765). [PDF] [PPT]

Data structure for range-aggregate vertical-horizontal segment intersections.

Given input (set of vertical and horizontal segments) must be preprocessed to perform the following query efficiently. The query is an orthogonal rectangle given by the user and all pairs of horizontal and vertical line segments which are intersected inside the query rectangle should be reported correctly and quickly. A two level data structure involving a combination of a segment tree and bst is used to process each query in O(log2n + k).

Spam classification in email using Support Vector Machines(SVM)

Explored new approaches for spam email classification using machine learning techniquies. We showed support vector machines offer promising solution for learning and classification of spam email. The accuracy of various algorithms (Bayesian, Frequent item-set mining and Support Vector Machines) is compared on TREC data set.[PDF]

Railway Reservation Information Website for IIITians

In early 2005, there used to be enormous delay in reaching Indian Railways website and/or getting the right in formation from it. With an aim to provide faster and simpler access to reservation information, a portal is developed for IIITians. It's functionality is to cache the reservation information for the selected trains (in interest of IIIT-H community). Information cacheing happens three to four times a day. This was developed using LAMP and (then) latest technologies like AJAX etc were used for better user experience. In later years, a lot of similar portals (based on this concept) came up in internet. (eg: erail, rediff's Indian rail).

Implementation for PDE based 'Image Inpainting'

Inpainting means filling unknown regions of an image based on the surrounding information. Implemented an inpainting algorithm by M. Bertalmío et. al from SIGGRAPH 2000. This algorithm propagates the information along the isophotes into the unknown region. This models manual process of inpainting mathematically using Partial Differential Equations (PDE). Adjacent image shows one of result we are able to get. Done this project as part of Digital Image Processing (DIP)'s course work.