I have worked on a Weakly supervised approach for joint retrieval of topical tweets and sentiment analysis. This is in collaboration with Flipkart under the mentorship of Dr. Mohit Kumar and Samik Datta. This work has been accepted at ICWSM 2016.

One of my other works is building a Twitter Conversation Assistant which, given a conversation on Twitter, first identifies the tweet in the conversation that is most likely to get a reply, and then recommends a revelant reply to it. This work was carried out under the guidance of Dr. Manish Gupta and has been submitted to ACL 2016 and is awaiting reviews.

Before this, I have worked on Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. A review (product reviews on online e-commerce sites, restaurant reviews, etc.) or a social media post (like tweets etc.) might talk about multiple aspects/sub-topics related to the product/service being discussed. For example, while the user might have good things to say about the food quality offered at a restaurant, but he/she might be disappointed with the service offered to him, and he might think the decor needs to be revamped. So a general sentiment analyzer that determines the overall sentiment towards the product/service might not be able to capture the full essence of the review. Hence the need for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis, for better and more fine-grained analysis of user feedback. This work was published at SemEval 2015. The paper can be accessed here.

I have briefly worked on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter which too resulted in a publication at SemEval 2015. The paper can be accessed here.

During my undergraduation as a part of my final year project, I worked on Detecting Influential Nodes for k-hop Reachability in Social Networks with Applications to Viral Marketing with Prof. Partha Basu Chowdhuri. This work is under review at the Information Processing and Management Journal.

In my sophomore year, I worked on Hardware Acceleration using Mitrion-C with Prof. Prosenjit Gupta, which was published as a student paper at 3rd All-India Inter-Engineering College Academic Meet 2012.

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