Shyam Nandan Rai


I am a MS student at IIIT-H working on Computer Vision & Machine Learning. At IIIT-H, I work at Centre for Visual Information Technology as Research Assistant under guidence of Prof. C. V. Jawahar . Presently, I am exploring area of Genrative models(GANs) and trying to incorporate its capabilities into computer vision tasks.


IIIT-CFW: A Benchmark Database of Cartoon Faces in the Wild
Ashutosh Mishra, Shyam Nandan Rai, Anand Mishra and C. V. Jawahar
ECCVW (Oral) 2016
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Reading Comprehension Using SNLI Dataset
Shyam Nandan Rai, Ashutosh Mishra, & Elizabeth Jasmi george
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Gender Classification Beyond Real Faces
Ashutosh Mishra, Deepayan Das, Shyam Nandan Rai, & Muthireddy Vamsidhar
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Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Learning
Shyam Nandan Rai, Ashutosh Mishra , Kishan Kumar , & Kalyan Babu
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Research Experience

Intern, CR/RTC-IN Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

  • I have worked on Benchmarking of Detection and Tracking Algorithm in OpenCV .
  • In addition, I also worked on the problem of tracking using KLT tracker on PNNL Parking Lot and Pizza sequences .

Intern, CVIT & Altair Hyderabad

  • Developed an interactive computer vision application using Qt and Opencv
  • Implemented for the detection of misalignment and analysis of CAD Images .
  • Internally the application uses RANSAC (for image alignment) along with certain thresholding techniques.
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