Pronunciation Scoring

The pronunciation evaluation system really helps all users to improve their pronunciation by trying multiple times and it lets you correct your-self by giving necessary feedback at phone, word level.

Please try the demo @ and help me by giving the feedback.

Documentation and codes:
All codes are uploaded in cmusphinx svn @
and raw documentation of the project can be found here.

Voice Transformation and Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Link to Demo voices: Demo voices

Language Identification

Currently, I am working on a database which consists of 3 languages Telugu,Tamil and Hindi. Each language consists of 440 words (Proper Nouns) recorded by 25 native spekers. The task is to identify the lanugage by processing each word.

Accent modelling:

Here, I am intended to change the duration of long vowels in each word with respect to other language.

No. of syllables Versus Avg. Duration of words