Air crashes

A zoomable draggable globe, acts akin to a book shelf visualisation where you can hover through any link on the globe to get all its details and select the year via dropdown.

Scatter Chart

Phase of accident vs Damage of aircraft vs fatalities

A scatter plot representing fatalities vs damage vs phase Of an accident

Aircraft Damage
Line vs Bar graph

Compares the number of fatal accidents to the total air traffic

The line represents the number of fatal accidents per million departures and the bar represents the total number of departures. Despite the increase in traffic, we can see the decreasin in the number of fatal accidents over the years

Stacked Bar graph

Country wise total and fatal accidents

The top red part represents the number of fatal accidents where as the total length represents the total accidents. Can be used to figure out which country, in the last 5 years had most accidents and how many of them were fatal. USA has been left out of this despite having the most accidents(129)

Network Chart

Cause wise total and phase listing

We relate the number of airplanes caused by a particular cause with the phase of the flight.

Bar Race

Countries Vs fatal accidents over the years

This bar chart race gives a great insight about the most unsafe countries to fly in over the years

Pie Chart

Types of planes in crashes

The pie chart represents the proportion in which various types of air crafts were involved in the crashes that took place over the years


In order to further explore the proportions of subtypes, you can click on any of the proportions