Vipul Raheja

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About Me

Born in Haryana, I spent the first four years of my life at Agartala, the capital of the tiny state of Tripura located in the mountainous frontiers of North-Eastern India. I spent the rest of my life at Faridabad, an industrial town bordering New Delhi, called the NCR (National Capital Region); before I came to Hyderabad for higher education.

I have always let my innate preceptions guide me in my approach towards problems, and life in general. That initial direction, coupled with quantitative reasoning is what I feel is the path everyone uniquely possesses to finding the answers. I am a believer in the value of hard work and the principle of averages. I believe that preseverance and tenacity are what lead one to success.

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
                                                                               - Albert Einstein


Fine Arts

My mother identified my penchant for colors when I had just started school, and got me enrolled with a drawing teacher. The initial foundations led to honed skills and what started out as an interest gradually evolved into a full-fledged passion spanning various styles - oil painting, pastel, pencil sketching, fabric painting, glass painting and the regular poster painting. This was something that took me places in my school life. Ever since I entered university, this has been a dormant activity, but I relish it every time I do some work of art. I have indulged mainly in pencil sketching and graffiti since.


Stars and the night sky patterns have always fascinated me. Only recently did I getting technical about it and started pursuing the activity seriously, like reading starmaps and dabbling with telescopes. Seeing my interest in the astronomy, my friends gifted me a basic telescope on my birthday (can't thank them enough for that!), and ever since, the hobby has been transitioning into a deep-rooted interest. Along with some like-minded enthusiasts on campus, I plan to start an Astronomy Club at my university soon.


I enjoy music, dance, writing, reading, poetry and all such forms of artistic expression devised by man in order to create a channel for letting out the thoughts, expressions and ideas. Apart from that, I love travelling. I wish to travel the world and visit a variety of exotic places for the view, the culture and the experience.