Vipul Raheja

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Research Projects (ongoing)

Spatio-Temporal Risk Analysis and Visualization of Epidemiological Data Using a Novel Spatial OLAP System

Extraction of Disease Data Patterns using MiSTIC

MiSTIC v/s Association Rule Mining: Generalizing the extraction of Spatio-Temporal Disease Occurrence Patterns

Risk Analysis for Disease Risk Mapping based on Spatio-Temporal Characterization

PyOSSIM: Python Bindings for OSSIM

P-CurB: Pixel-Curve Based Hyperspectral Image Compression

Major Past Projects

Analysis of Urban Expansion of Hyderabad over the past 20 years

Forest-Fire Detection System

Optical Remote Sensing Virtual Lab

Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies (MILLEE)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System on the Cloud

Work Dashboard